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Today things are changing, the world is different now. More young people are stepping into marriage,  which is positive, more babies are being born also positive, but there is also more crimes committed. Not only that but there is more racism going on, and nations are turning against each other.

As we are getting closer and closer towards the end of the last days ahead of us, what are YOU as a person doing? Have you already been doing your job for Christ? Or are you waiting an extra day, week, month or year to come? Or are you even a non believer? Let me tell you now our Lord Jesus Christ will come like a thief in the night- “revelations 16:15”. Which concludes that we should not wait that extra day, week, month or year before we start. He can appear at ANY given TIME. He does not owe us any explanation. Rather do we!

This is my first blog, and in my blogs to come I will be telling you about my personal experiences and also about other experiences which people face on a daily basis. What is your view?!

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