im sorry, but goodbye pride

I was just 20 and I am physically and mentally stable. yet I know to hurt someone, by not thinking about the consequences nor myself. I was being selfish, I was proud, I was boasting and what did I achieve?

Well that is what I will explain. I have had tons of questions about how prison was, what I did on a daily basis, what kind of people I met. But I come to realize that not many asked about HOW the person I hurt must have felt, IF I was remorseful. people are caught up with the exciting stuff, what I experienced, by telling stories, adding salt and pepper. Well either we like it or not we ALL have feelings.

this is a short message to everyone especially you. I am sorry!

pride KILLS. pride DESTROYS. pride STEALS. throw it AWAY it is expired and just rotten you, it destroyed me, stole from me but never killed me, that is why I am alive today! and I am not afraid of confessing my sins, I am not afraid to apologize, I am not afraid to accept and move on. just because of pride.

look it starts simple, ONE minute you are cool, then there follows a gossip, you get upset, and then get pushed by one or two people who add salt and pepper(destroying your mind), you then feel like you need to take action(destroying your mind). You take action and regret it. but because of pride you act like you are cool and then it starts to rot(stealing), you continue living a lie and eventually you die(killed, not physically). you die not forgiven, you die not knowing the truth, you die not accepting that you aren’t perfect yourself. you die not knowing who Christ really is to you.

if your at this stage don’t think its late, The GOD we know can wake up the dead. He can make you rise and be born again! never give up.

‘forgive- ‘

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