What is your status?

first of all, we made it to October 2015 ( Thank You Jesus )!

So looking back at the beginning of this year, what did you achieve so far? what are you yet to do?

I mean we all have dreams, and goals. In our minds we know what we want, or where we are trying to be. We all want to make it in life. but yet sometimes our dreams seem to LARGE to accomplish, too BIG to achieve. But we are sometimes forgetting that it is possible. Its all possible. you know if you follow mankind you can achieve little to none, but if you put your trust into our Heavenly Father, He can use man kind to make you accomplish all you dream of?! It seems almost impossible thinking about it.

So I will use myself as an example (Which I will often do)

You see, I am 24 and I do have my way of serving the Lord. I am not perfect and never will be, but I try to become as close to perfect as I can be. Attending church does not make you better than the one who does not, BUT serving the Lord with all your heart in his HOUSE is what He wants. I attend church, and I was back into my church I knew of growing up. When I moved to London I started attending another church which was in 2010, I became so fond of the church and I grew in the church. Since I came back in 2014 to the Netherlands instead of me looking for the church, I got so lazy so I decided to just go to the older church I grew up in. Not knowing that as a child you attend church because your parents attend does not make you a Christian. I am now older, and being a mother, I take my daughter to church every Sunday. now being older I realised that I did not feel comfortable in this church I grew up with. I thought okay, maybe its just all in my head, and I continued every Sunday for months, until I got various signs. I must say I quite the church and It was not easy. I then decided to look for the church branch I attended in London and since I went to that church, WOW do I feel at home. The first service just got me like. WOW!

I must say I do not regret it ONE bit. What I am trying to say is, The holy Spirit does speak to us when we ask for it. I did not directly ask God to direct me, but because of prayers of faith, and asking to draw closer to Him, he then decided to show me things which will lead me to draw closer to Him somehow. And He did! Most of us will go church and after hours even forget the preachings, which was so me! I mean you should be in church writing notes, Not forgetting what your pastor, reverend, Bishop or Evangalist said.

I have gotten to know myself, I mean I started to listen to myself more, as I did ask God to direct me. Anytime I ask and I start doubting my decision I know it will be the wrong one. Some get it through dreams, visions or other ways. I am still working on my gift but yet he Speaks to me, just by Asking! What are you doing today? What is your status?!

Have you asked for your gift? and with that I mean the gift of doing Gods work, by drawing people nearer to the Heavenly Father. You will face struggles, and remember the closer you get to the kingdom the more the devil will be on your toes. Do not get scared. Know your status! have you seen what the world is turning into whenever you watch the news? Be the different person. Did you know anytime you bring a person closer to God the angels dance and rejoice and that there is a gift waiting for you to open? Make sure you build your paradise. By starting now before it is too late.

Know your status.

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