me +1

As a teenager, you will be in school, maybe have a part time job on a side. Living at home or getting to university. have friends, go out partying once in a while. have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Well in my situation I was doing all, which I mentioned just now, but at 18 I had another person to take care of. A mini me, I would call her. What happens is that you are now responsible for another person. now looking back at 18, I was still a kid. I look at myself now, 7 years later and I have come a long way. I have this little girl who looks up to me so much, and tries to impress me every single day. from the moment she wakes up till when she falls asleep. She tries so hard to do things right, and I just sit and laugh at the little me. I don’t always see the same things in her, but my mother does. I see her often staring at her, and shaking her head. I then ask my mother why, and then I see that look on her face. A look which simply says, Edith this is you again, but a better version.

My Mini me is such an incredible child. She has no worries. She does not cry or is not one of those kids which will start crying and kicking in shop because she wants some doll. She is understandable and I love that about her. In the evening before we sleep, or before I go to work and put her to sleep I kiss her and tell her I love her. and she says the same back. sometimes she even says it before me when I seem to forget or rush. This morning when I got home, I saw her wide awake, imagine 5.30am as a mother you are trying to sneak in the house, and you see your mini me just watching cartoons and staring at you like… and saying Good morning haha, I put her back to sleep, explaining that it is early. we hugged and simply continued our sleep.

moral of my story is, It does not matter how old or young you are, when God blesses you with a child be open to receive him or her. S/he might be the next President, the next Bishop or Evangelist, the owner of a Oil company, or a big investor. the next Millionaire or a entrepreneur. I am not saying as  a woman now go and sleep with any tom dick and harry or go ahead and find yourself a boyfriend. No, look for a husband, which was my mistake. But remember that when God plans he plans good things! He does not fail. He gives us chances. I had a great chance, and I failed that so he had to turn my things around because I did not obey him. but yet I got a blessing out of it. Many things of me were put on hold, or were cancelled and I did not understand why or how, but at the end of everyday, I am left with my +1 which I will never exchange for any amount of price.

My own Mercedes

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