I can do it

with roughly 7 billion people on this earth, we all know that the bible states that a woman shall give birth to human.

To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” – Genesis 3:16

Some women have experienced labour, and may not experience the same pain another female felt. Why is this the case? every human body is different. Women who have had more than one child will be able to understand this. There is no possible way that the pain is exactly the same, or your pregnancy was the same. It may be similar but not exactly the same. For example twins, they are born the same day (mostly) and may look alike but they will always have different characters. Why is that? Because they are two separate people. So now you are wondering if they are different people how comes, my neighbour makes it in life and I can not? How comes the girl who I studied the same course with pass with all distinctions and I hardly pass? How comes the boy I grew up with played football with made it into a good team and I am still in the hood? Ask yourself again. Where did it go wrong?

Look I will state a few things and I do not want you to start feeling guilty and think about past and stupid decisions you made then. Because most of the time it becomes a result of it, so we think.

you see if your neighbour is able to have a child, you can have one to! if your classmate is able to get a contract from a football team, knowing that you to play football you can also do it! the thing is, when it does not happen does not mean you are not good enough for the football team. It may simply mean that you have a different purpose in life. Look not every job, is for everyone. You can be looking for a job and read a job application, whiles reading it you will find out the requirements, if it does not fit into your work experiences or what is written in your CV you will simply not apply for the job.

Loads of boys want to become professional footballers in life, so it is only normal to play football when your outside, watch football, play games etc. But when you become a teenager, as a boy it becomes normal to go out with friends, and do things what most teenager do. Only a focused footballer will spend his Friday and Saturday nights at home  or at stadium doing what? Playing football not only that, but including the word of God.

Only a student will spend his or her Friday and Saturday nights at home studying for his or her exams which are coming up. and not only that but still studying the word of God. And now you are saying to yourself, but I have an unbeliever class mate who drinks every weekend but yet passes his or her exams. CORRECT! but do you have the same ability? NO that is why YOU apply the word of God and study harder. Like I said not EVERYONE is the same. So yes, he or she has passed all exams, and still parties hard. he or she eventually gets the degree, and what else? is there happiness in that persons home? does he or she have a husband or wife? never compare yourself with another human being but always know that what S/HE CAN YOU CAN DO IT TOO. but only with the word of God !

John 16:21
A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.

this scripture personally can be applied to everyone, not specifically to women giving birth. you see it says ” A woman giving birth to a child has pain ” so this means the fact that you are giving birth is painful. look a woman had to do something to get pregnant in the first hand. She was aware of what she did and the concequences after.

The same way you know what you are doing right now, and the concequences after.

“but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish,BECAUSE of her joy that a child is born into the world” – Oh my my myyyy! when you sow a seed, you will reap what you sow!

so after I study the word of God and I studied for my upcoming exams on time, do my course work on time. respect my parents, do what I am suppose to do, all the hard work the only result I will get is JOY. it is simple work hard and earn it. if it does not work, try again, if the Lord tells you to go a different direction do so! it may NOT be your purpose. How many people do a certain course and switch to become something else. when I was younger I wanted to become a police officer, but now if you ask me, I would deny it point blank. never give up on your dreams! and never loose FAITH!

with everything you do involve the ALMIGHTY!

  • thank you. I was inspired to write this whiles watching an African movie. I stopped watching and decided to write this essay. I have not really corrected any mistakes, so I apologize in advance if any typos are found x Stay blessed my brothers and Sisters!

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