abortion, why not.

I want to share something, and this subject is  a subject which will affect a lot of women. And I hope this post will speak to most ladies or even to those going through this problem or situation as you read. So I will try to use the right words whiles writing this.


I want to share this story about abortion. I know now you are up and alert and thinking, what is she going to say. I know a lot of women go through the struggle of “oh I am pregnant, what should I do next”. Yes, What do you do next? You are not married, or he has a girlfriend/wife, he is not ready, you are not ready, you don’t know who the father is,you are too young etc. It can be multiple reasons why you want to get rid of a child. But when you or your partner make that decision, did you really think about it, or did you just make a decision based on what is going on in your life as in now.

Look, growing up I was just like you. My dreams were to get married and have kids one day. I was all up for a big family. Who does not want that in life? But that is not how things turn out to be. I ended up with a child at the age of 18, being pregnant at 17.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was already 12 weeks pregnant. Trust me everything went through my mind except keeping a baby. The funny thing is, I did not think of the father, rather about myself, my parents and what others will think of it. And funny enough I kept her two reasons. By the time the abortion date was due I would’ve been 4 months+ and I had a friend who convinced me not to get rid of my child. I truly believe my daughter is the best thing ever and she shall become such a great leader in the future!

But the same year, I became pregnant again. And I was so calm in peoples eyes, but trust me, I was all over the place. Again, I had one friend who convinced me to keep the baby. But I was more than sure not to go through the process, and I decided to abort the child.  Just less than a year before I had my daughter.  Now looking back if I kept my child, maybe my life would have turned different. Maybe I would not have gone prison. Maybe I would have been married with two kids. Maybe I would still been living in the UK. Maybe I would not write this post today. Just “maybe”. But what was the reason for my decision and did I make the right one?

You see, people are born sinners. And it is normal for someone to judge you as soon as you do something wrong in their eyes. But funny enough when someone does exactly the same thing you do, you hesitate to judge that person unless you are hiding whatever you are doing as a sin. I was against abortion before I did it myself. I would judge when I heard a girl or woman did it, and will totally be disgusted by the thought of it. But when I was in the same situation, I did not want to be judged. I did not want the people around me to judge me. Although I had one or two friends who knew, still in my mind I knew they were judging me.

But now, listening to stories and finding out why people tend to abort etc. I don’t judge at all. But I want to speak to you today.

I watched this movie less than a week ago. A Ghanaian movie main character was Emelia Brobbey (Such a great actrice)  the story was that she was married for many years and could not conceive. So as an African marriage the in laws will get involved etc. So her husband cheated got another woman pregnant had a kid, and second one on its way. But the wife believed in Christ. She constantly prayed believing she will one day have a baby of her own. But in her case,  she got raped and guess what… she got pregnant. Her husband was not happy and it caused her marriage almost falling apart. Although she was happy she was pregnant which meant she was not barren, she hated the man who got her pregnant. It took her a long time to finally forgive, and they later found out her husband was the one with the problem etc. But anyway the moral of the story was. The woman PRAYED for a child. And God could’ve easily given her one, because she believed in him,  and the husband did not. But He Gave her the child BUT in a different form. The husband had commit a crime years ago which led him to not being able to produce any kids.But you see, what if the woman said, you know what this is a rapist kid so I don’t want it. Even though me and my husband have been trying it for over 7 years? Do you know what God is planning?? Although it came like a thief comes at night. That child might become a great leader. Do not blame the unborn for the actions of his or her parent.

Look you might say ,but you Edith do you know about what I am going through, my parents or the people in my area. Please! What do YOU know about the GOD we serve?! Look, if anyone wants to judge let them try you. Ask them if they have NOT sinned against God themselves. Ask them if they do not do wrong themselves. Moreover ask them if they even ASKED GOD FOR FORGIVENESS TODAY. Like the Nigerian actor said.. “do me a favour please… Gerrare here man!”

Ladies please, I know Europe and America provides the sources for abortion and there are thousands of clinics. I mean looking for an abortion centre or going through the process is so easy, it shocks me. But this is still done by a human being. It takes one mistake and is can be fatal! Some peoples first abortion might be the last time they will become pregnant. Some have countless abortions (trust me people do) and still are able to have kids. Don’t have countless abortions thinking one day YOU will be ready. You are NOT Jesus. He is the ONLY perfect one. And even He was seen as sinful man.

Women I am speaking to you today. A child is a blessing. You might be the woman who will carry a great leader. Do not kill the leader in you. Have faith and trust that with the unborn you will do great things. May God be with you.

And may you make the right decision.


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