Tips for parents and guardians !

Tips and tricks (may apply to Dutch people more)

Hey beautiful readers it has been a while! I have been slacking

and should not even give an excuse as to why. I apologize!

A lot has happened most of it great things

but will save it for the next time!

Today I want to share some tips which I think is needed

for parents and parents to be! I feel like we are not prepared

for a lot of things and often reality can hit us

one way or the other! The tips I will share are one I

personally think will help others

and may only apply to the Netherlands howeverrrrrrrr

most of

them are also for other countries the system there may

be different but I do hope I can somehow help or remind

someone of something they never thought of!

Okay so here we go

Tip 1;

When your child is growing remember at school they don’t

get taught about budgeting or how to budget!

Please start teaching your child from a young age how

to use money, save money and/or value money!

You will be surprised how your child will value

money when they become teenagers!

Tip 2;

We raise our kids and forget that the age 18 will come!

Well we all know what happens in the Netherlands

your first bill will be dropped

HEALTH INSURANCE! Parents either your paying or

not, teach your children way in advance how it works,

what it is and how to pay it. The benefits of it etc.

If that means they have to work on the side don’t

wait till they hit that age rather let them start beforehand!

Tip 3;

Parents we all know how social media is! Most kids

get a phone at a young age and 99% of the time it

is a smartphone! Check on your

children’s phone! Always have access to it! I have

a daughter of almost 11 and she got her first phone

on her 10th birthday! I go through her phone because

you never know who is talking to her or the other way round.

Tip 4;

(Parents with girls)

Please do have the conversation! One day she will become

“a young woman”, even for me it is very hard to swallow as

she can have her first menstruation !but we should have

that talk! She needs to understand what happens! The

worse thing is for your daughter to go through that

period and be afraid or ashamed to approach her

parents about it! Have the conversation!!!

Tip 5;

Randomly surprise your children with a gift or just ask

them out to go cinema or a date! Yes it

sounds weird saying date. But just showering them with

gifts is fun but why not go out

and eat and just talk about what happened in school

during the week. Or just a Netflix and chill

with your child. If you have more kids divide that time.

Tip 6;

(Parents with more than 1 child)

Divide the time! You can’t be at several places at

once but divide it! As a mother of almost 4 kids

I do slack at times but my children need to spend

time with me alone at times.

Having an older daughter means she has

different needs than her siblings!

She needs help with her homework, she goes over

friends stays over relatives and at times

she really just wants to sit down with me and snack!

Me and her have a cinema date pending by the way!

Do that with your child. Then i have my son who is

3 now I took him to a paw patrol live show l

ast year and he loved it! Then you have my little one

who is 2 now she is home all the time and with her

just watching her program with crisps and drinks is

fun for her. And every now and then we all go on

a playdate with other kids. Parents divide your time!

Tip 7;

Housing is a very serious thing in Europe !

We know the system in this country already! Put your

name on the list! Parents, do it for your child! As soon

as they hit 18 pay the money once (€50 Amsterdam)

and yearly it varies from €8-€10. (AMSTERDAM)

and at least you know that someday

your child will be offered a house! Either in 8-15years

or even in 2 years ! Regardless sign them in!

It is very painful as no one knows how life turns out to be!

Tip 8;

Teach your children basic manners! Trust me at school

they don’t have the time for that!

It is very simple teach your children how to say

please” and “thank you” it will shock you

as to see how kids talk at times! And parents are

the cause of it. And as a parent know what you

say around kids!

They don’t listen to advice but they grow by example!

So children will see and copy! But not listen and copy!

So start with yourself!

Tip 9;

Listen to your child! Even if it does not make sense!

One thing I have learned is



If your child is trying to warn you about a person or

people or you notice their behavior is off when it comes

to a certain person REACT ! It means something!

A child does not wake up not to dislike someone!

Even we as parents we dislike someone based on

their behavior or what is said about that

person! So imagine a child! Ask your child, force it

out of them and REACT! Never downplay a

child’s feeling! Take action at all costs!

Tip 10;

Parents this one hurts me at times HAHA!

Paying insurance🤣! I mean what if my child

accidently breaks my neighbors window, or

hits him/herself very hard ! I have to be prepared

when my neighbor comes knocking at the door with the

bill! Pay the insurance every month!

What if you go on holiday and you or your child gets ill?

What if you or they lose their luggage?

Are you and the kids covered? What if God forbid

death comes knocking on the door? Are you ready for the

costs (honestly this is the only thing I have not sorted!

I always leave it hanging for some reason)

What about other things? Are u saving for their first

car or scooter? Or their driving license.

Or are you helping them to buy their mortgage?

Regardless as a parent sort things out!

Tip 11;

Not fun but REAL! Have you ever taught of what would

happen INCASE of emergency? If you become very

ill and have young children.

Do you have a partner, your parents, siblings, friends

or other family members who will take over or are you

all by yourself? How would that be arranged.

In case of death and your children are underaged?

Who becomes the sole carer?

In this country there is a website with all the information.

It takes you less than 10minutes

to fill it in and you will have it send by post as well.

Incase of death.

The link will be posted below!

Have you gotten a will written? If you have does it

need changes or is it fine as it is? Think about it

So these were my top 11 tips for parents and parents to be!

As well as any guardian of children

under age! If you have more tips feel free to message me

or comment!


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