Hey Beautiful readers, before you continue, please make sure you have read the previous post before starting with this one. If you already have then please continue.

I will dive straight into it, what new parents expect from their visitors!

when a new baby is born family and friends are all happy to meet the new person on earth but forget that the parents are tired and sometimes not even in the mood for visitors and if they are I would like to share tips of what most parents expect. ( I repeat most so it does not apply to every new parent but to me it does HAHA)

Always and I mean always call beforehand and book an appointment to visit. so not  call and say you are almost there or on your way. it is very disrespectful as the new mummy may not be ready to receive visitors regardless if you are family or not. the parent may be resting or has plans to just rest with the baby instead of receiving visitors so what you do instead is call and ask when they are available to see you, and fix a date and a TIME. I say TIME because a day has 24 hours, the same way you would respect to be on time for a job you should also respect the time to go and visit the new parents and the newborn baby.

next point, when visiting or coming to visit it is only nice to either ask if the parents need anything on the phone when coming.  Even though you have made an appointment to come do call in the same day or the day before to confirm. it is only right. the new parent may have forgotten to note it and it only confirms that you are really coming.

the next point is, if you know you are sick or not feeling well, DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT visit!! it can be as small as a flu or a cough, just do not visit! remember you are going to see a newborn baby the last thing anyone wants is for the newborn to get sick because you decided to pass your flu or whatever sickness around. it is very unhealthy and shows no morals towards the family.

On to the next point, when you visit please make sure the first thing you do is take of your shoes and wash your hands before even trying to either touch anyone or sit down. 9 out of 10 times the family has hand sanitizers at home make use of it.  Before you continue whatever.

Next, never ever pick up the baby without the parents consent! why? because they never asked you to! some people may not say anything until you leave or it may just be irritating to them and they may speak up and afterwards it may just become a awkward visit. regardless if you are family or not. grandparents obviously have the urge to do so but that is almost normal in African culture to do so. but please do not touch the child without the parents consent.

another point, when visiting please do ask the parents especially the mother how she feels and if she wants to talk about the journey of the delivery. if she wants to she will obviously open up. another thing is do not overstay your visit! when I say that it now seems weird because what is overstaying your visit? Right, normally visiting a friend can be for hours but when there is a new born baby and a mother who just went through delivery it is only right to stay for max 2hours. why do I say max 2 hours? after all the baby may just sleep but the mother wants her beautysleep too? as you know she and her partner hardly sleep at night so why stay over for 4-5hours long whiles she could relax?  Be considered and just come and see the baby. you will have plenty of time to catch up and stay longer when mother has recovered fully.

Visitors when do you even call and book a visit? well I am pretty sure that the parents will let you know when you can come. obviously for some they come way before others but just make sure the parents give you a go ahead before you step foot at their doorstep.

I would like to end with this last point, when visiting please do not bring any other person with you unexpectedly. when you call to come do not end up with an extra person or family member without the parents knowing as they expect only you or your family and then there you are with extra people.


I hope I was clear with this post and I pray all my close friends and family read it, do share it with others and also with family and friends who are expecting or if you are planning to visit a soon to be parent yourself, do read carefully and apply these points to yourself! not every parent will be bold enough to say it but it is very good to know.  I never really stated this to everyone just some but now finally I put it in a post so I hope it is clear to everyone around me, and for everyone! no exceptions!


thank you for reading my post and God willing the next shall follow soon !


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