what parents to be don’t like !

Hey beautiful readers,

I hope you are all doing well, and that you have been up to date with my blogs. If not I highly suggest you read them!

today I want to share a few things which people tend to do and although they have good intentions with it, it really is annoying and disturbing to parents to be!

let’s start!

So one thing a lot of people do as soon as they find out one is pregnant is how far are you? is it a boy or girl? are you having twins? you put on weight? etc.! honestly, IT IS ANNOYING! and for some ladies it is really a way of bringing their insecurities out. especially when one has put on weight or there are changes in their face. so people learn to just say congratulations and leave it until the pregnant lady reveals more information.

Another annoying matter is asking the due date! maybe in some culture it is normal but not Africans or not in my household. even though you try to say it in a way it is disrespectful to ask. because what you do is not only is it a journey for the pregnant woman, but the person asking is also waiting for that day and when the day reaches they will be asking about it. forgetting that babies are not born on the due dat just a little over 4% does come on the exact date.

parents to be expect space, and love. Space to rest and space to think. Some obviously don’t want that and will make it clear if that is the case. when you talk to a pregnant lady don’t let the conversation just be about the unborn baby rather continue the conversation as she is not. It makes the woman feel like that is the only thing your interested in and nothing more (which is absolutely fine) but then at least have something else to talk about.

a pregnant woman will either tell you what she wants from you or not. if she does not it is oke to ask her, but don’t push it or force it out of her. she might not want to share information which is fine.

constantly asking what the unborn baby’s name would be! I think this must be a pet peeve for me because, honestly do you think I would just distribute the name? It is meant to be told! yes you do have parents who have names ready and tell families and friends, but if it is not announced yet please do wait. and honestly what does it bring to your table if I tell you the name in advance?

last but not least, when you know she is almost due stop asking when the baby is arriving or messaging or calling to see if the baby has arrived.  More times you think you are the only one asking but trust me you are probably number 13 that day so just imagine how she feels and not only is it annoying because a lot of people are asking but because the pregnant lady is tired and already praying that she can hold the baby. So just imagine!

I have had this countless times and I do realize that I reply to some people purely based on how I am with them and more times I ignore the question and just keep it moving, in the hope that the question will not be asked again. but when it becomes a habit of someone it really becomes annoying.

so instead of telling people one by one it is best shared via blog (if read obviously)! in the hopes that they will stop doing this to not only myself but other parents to be as well.

the list is actually ongoing but these are the main ones I could come up with right now, and honestly speaking if you have any more do comment and I will reply you and may even add it to the post!

I am in such a good mood that I have decided to share another post about, WHAT NEW PARENTS EXPECT FROM VISITORS!


I hope you enjoyed the read!

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