Hey beautiful people,

Today is the 31st August 2017. A date which I have on paper. A day I have waited for since 31 aug 2012. Do you know why??
Should I say HAPPY 5th anniversary or …..?!?

So on the 31st August 2012, I was convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment due to GBC. (Grievous bodily harm) section 18. Ok, so at the moment you hear the judge say that. Your heart your face your spirit everything LEAVES your body! I swear for like a minute I died u know!! No joke!!!

Ok, up to prison, my first place was Bronzefield I think near Heathrow airport if I am correct. The first night was so bad for me, cause the bed, was hard, the toilet looked dead to me, the room was just NAH!! Imagine in your head u can only Remember 5 YEARS. Clearly I thought I would die.. no joke! I actually PRAYED AND BEGGED God to take me away u know. ( ok, after I asked for forgiveness and for him to take care or my daughter who was then 3 and my mother) but I begged God to just let me die cause I did not know how I would survive in prison for 5 whole YEARS!! Mate even a week would be too much for me.

So I woke up (from my 10min sleep I think) cuz it was the next day and I heard my door open, I think around 7.30-8am and I could hear so much noise. Then I heard noises at my door I got scared TRUST ME I AM A P*Ssy WHEN U GET TO KNOW ME ! And this woman knocked and came in. She knew I was young and said hello and asked me why I was in bed and not up yet. I did not know what to say. So she came in and introduced herself. (I will keep her name for myself and call her my Jamaican Mum1) she then asked me to get up and get breakfast. But I said no I am not hungry (these times I hadn’t eaten since the day before and I was STARVINGGGGGG) so she quickly ran down and got me something and came back. I then got up and brushed my teeth and sat down and she then asked me to come out and not to be scared. She was so nice to me.

Before I knew it day one was over… from then I became friends with my Jamaican mum. She was a mother herself and her daughter was my age. She was very nice and made sure I had food to eat introduced me to other ladies on our wing (yes it’s called wing) told me the rules etc and how to do shopping and phone calls.

I quickly made friends and got to know a young lady who had a similar case as mine and was also a young mother. She became my friend and had been there for a few months. Her due date was after mine and that meant that I would be released before her. She was so strong and that made me strong as well. Then I met another lady who was African and I could also easily relate to her. Soon after me and her were put in a room together which I did not mind. The only think was she had no date yet as she was facing deportation. So me and her used to pray together hoping that she would not be deported. Then the day came that she went to court and she did not come back. I was hoping she got released and not deported but I did not hear from her until later I found out she got released. I was SOO happy for her. I have her contact btw😘.

Soon after weeks went by and I got sent to Downview a different and known as better prison they said. Before I left some ladies told me about it. I then also met a sister who was from Ghana and her I would call Sister1

I went to downview and I had to adjust to the place as well, but that went quick as I made friends easily and soon I got kind of used to the place.soon I found friends and aunties whom I could go to. I met Mama1 and mama 2 the two Ghanaian mothers who made it easy for me and Sister1. I worked at the gym and studied small. I then worked with ladies whom I still have some contact with and speak to at times. My second Jamaican/African mum2 she was my motivation at the gym and also mentally she knew how to keep me going.
Fast forward to 2013 when we got told that the prison may be shutting down so we are all being relocated. We were all allowed to make a top 3 but it does not necessarily mean that you will go there. Me and my sister1 became closer then ever and because we knew the same people from outside it was easier to pass time as we could talk about everything and she understood me same way I understood her. When it was time to relocate I was hoping and praying that me and her will go on the same day. Which it did not happen I was first to go. And soon she followed. By the time it was end of 2013 and when she joined at Holloway we soon found out that there will be no single rooms available only groups of 4- 5s just a limited of 2s. So me and her found a way to get into a dorm together and soon we found our lil group and had our squad.

I had my other sister2, and our mamaCita (I wish I could have her contact I miss that woman SOOO MUCH) she was from South America and was such a great woman. A mother figure and she spoke lil English. But was so caring and just prayed everyday to just get back to her children back home.

We soon got into a dorm of 4 me and my 2 sisters and our Spanish mother. This was at a advanced wing, which was for behaved prisoners. It meant that we had more advantages into more jobs. We were out more and we were just more behaved! So just a bit more freedom. Officers were not constantly on our case. They could leave the wing and we would be alone because they could trust us.

I had already put in forms to go back to the Netherlands after a long talk and various visits from the Dutch embassy and also some convincing. Yet on the other hand I was trying to stay in the U.K. Cause I felt like I could stay there for my child and get a second chance.
Then one day on the 10th march me thinking another day, they opened our room and they asked me to pack my stuff as the application was approved for me to go back to the Netherlands but I would have to do the remaining time of my sentence ( which would end 1march 2015) as the English rule was to do half of my sentence instead of the full 5 years.

So that was in the evening so I had the whole night to say goodbye to my room mates and just pack my stuff and cry etc. I did not sleep neither did day as we basically celebrated my last night with them. In the morning I did not have much time so I went on to the exit and I was on my way to the airport without making any phone call because of security reasons.

Ok, making my story short I got to holland prison did my sentence till july 4th 2014 (early release) I did not expect it and I praised God for that.

Today 5 years later.. I am married with another child, happy with my family. At first not happy that I decided to come back to holland as I did not know what to do,although I was born and raised here. My parents are proud of me. I have fully restored my relationship with my dad which was bad. My daughter is great and does so well in school. And we are expecting our 3rd baby. Life couldn’t be BETTER♥️.


I just want to let everyone know that God can put us in a situation. Well it was NOT GOD who told me to commit the crime. I had signs and never listened to God so the devil had to intervene and that was the only way God could get my attention.
Sometimes we struggle, or we don’t listen to signs and little things which we face day to day. God speaks to us on a regular basis, all he wants us to do is to open up when he knocks and we should also knock on his his door on a daily basis not only when we are sick. We only visit him when we need medication. He is not only a doctor he is also a friend, father and more. So don’t only see him when you are sick. When you are healed by his medication you should go and thank him too.

God works in mysterious ways, I know that. I can actually testify! I still ask him for help and I still struggle with issues. But it does not let me question my faith in him. And I don’t ask for sympathy. I am happy I went through what I went through, someone else could not even have survived a day in my shoes. Women have died in prison. Women have committed suicide. Some died right after they got released cause life was not easy outside prison. Some women will never be outside again. Some are going straight back to their country because of deportation and have no idea what will happen to them when they get back. Others have lost family members whiles being in prison and I lost nothing but TIME. Which was TIME I could spend with my daughter. I am upset about it yes. But knowing that she was fine and in save hands was more then enough for me.

I have met women who have become depressed and gone mad inside. Trust me God had me in there and he still does! People have laughed at me, mocked me, said things about me and some even still laugh with me. It did not change me or made me a bad person because those that know me know best, God knows me best! And I can say God still has me. So for everyone who ever laughed at me, was negative and still is.

God is not asleep and I don’t hate you. I would’ve probably done it if I was in your shoes. But remember that people go through hardship for a reason. So let this be a lesson if someone you know, regardless if you like them or not goes through hard times, don’t mock them. Cause you don’t know if you could handle it. The person is being tested and God wants his or her attention. Today I am happy with my husband who has accepted me for who I am. I got myself and I got God.

And I know people are struggling with other issues. Please don’t ever give up on Prayers! God is real and he does not fail.
If you ever want to talk, or want advice or even just message me feel free!!! I don’t judge I used to and I don’t anymore because trust me, laughing at your situation does not make me better!! I can easily b put in your spot and not survive ♥️


Sending and spreading Love all over. – and let me enjoy this pregnancy ❤️God be with you all and can’t wait for our lil bundle of joy. Please do respect our unborn and not ask what we are having and when etc. we would rather keep it for ourselves 💕

Bullying is NOT COOL!

hey my beautiful readers,
Today I would like to talk about a sensitive subject. I hope after reading this if you are a BULLY you will change your ways, and if you are being BULLIED you will know that you are stronger then you think you are.

First of all, I want to apologize in advance if I use any bad words or say something to cause harm. It is not my intention I just want to make something clear.

There are all types of bullying. But I will touch upon cyber-internet/bullying. Reason why I choose that type is because in this generation we live in, this is probably (might be wrong) the most common way to bully someone.

The internet, phones, Media has so much impact on the kids now. It is unbelievable! Sometimes I will read stories about bullies and wonder why someone would actually go behind their laptops,phones, tablets etc to just start bullying someone and think it is absolutely okay. Well it is not.

firstly.. the moment you think of actually going behind your screens and type something horrible whether it is anonymous or not.. you should know that YOU are the person with problems and a low self-esteem! Why?? Cause you feel like you have to be nasty Towards someone to make yourself feel better. Did you know that, that is a form of jealousy?? Now as a bully you are probably thinking.. I am not jealous of him/her. Well you ARE. If you have to be nasty to someone, behind your laptop or phone. It also shows you have none to little self esteem. It does NOT mean that you should now go and face the person. It means that you can’t help but to hurt others because YOU are hurt yourself.

Why would you hurt someone else because of how you feel! S/he did not bring you to that position! Bullies often look for a victim which in THEIR eyes are weak. Sometimes, they go for the ones who they can’t face so they rather do it anonymously. Either way it is NOT COOL. When you are saying horrible things to someone online. Do you realize what you are doing to the persons spirit? They may not show it and front. But do you know if they cry themselves to sleep, hurt themseleves, become distant from family and friends and some even end up ending their lives. Think about it. Do you want Blood on your hands??? How does it make you feel when you do so? Good?? Well it shouldn’t cause the devil is busy working on you. Rather to release your stress and anger on someone online, why not talk about it to someone around you. Or find a phone to call every country has a team who helps. Ask someone at your school or university, at work. Or talk to your partner. If you don’t want to, why not ask someone online to help. Message someone who writes about these things. Read a book, find a hobby regardless TALK ABOUT IT. It will take so much weight of your shoulders.

I am not perfect but I would hate that someone is bullying my kids or they are bullies ! I will be very disappointed and also be the FIRST person to point it out and make sure it stops.
If you read this and you think you are at a low place u are free to message me. I don’t judge AT ALL ! We all make mistakes. Let us work together. I am not the greatest but maybe a word of advice can help you. This is for the bullies and for those who are getting bullied..


Talk to your parents talk to someone. Internet bullying is very powerful! And can harm in many ways. Do not let anyone online make you feel less worthy cause you are NOT! internet is there for show. So don’t let anything fool you. Do not harm yourself because someone makes you feel like it, they feel like shit so that’s why they want you to feel like that too. Remember the BULLY is actually the one with the problem not you!

Please do talk about it with someone, even if it is another form of bullying. They all count! Let the number of victims decrease cause it hurts me to find out another person decided to end it because s/he got bullied.

XO 😘 stay blessed

A woman’s power

Hey my beautiful readers, I hope you are all blessed.
Already mid June 2017. A year ago I got married to the love of my life, my son is already 7 months ( in a couple of days) and my daughter is doing great in school.

Today I would like to lift up my ladies.
Woman you are POWER.
Let us go back to November 2016.

On the day I gave birth to my handsome baby boy. He was born exactly at 6am, on Friday 18 November 2016. What you feel to realize then is that a few moments ago you were crying out for help, screaming and pushing a child out, just to end up seeing a small human being coming out, crying and next to you, seeing your partner praising God for giving you all the strength to do what you just did.
But what most people, especially men don’t realize is that after all that, there is the recovery. Fair enough not every recovery is the same but some do get complications. Complications after birth is never from God rather the devil not satisfied enough that you even gave birth to a healthy baby boy. There is was smiling all happy, 6-7 hours after giving birth I was allowed to go home. But then it started…

I lost my appetite, walking was a problem, just 48 hours after giving birth my husband called the ambulance from home and before we all knew it I was taken to the hospital. I was so weak, they had to call fire service and lift me through our window just to get me downstairs.

Getting to the hospital, I was in such pain but I was already giving strong painkillers at home (Morphine) and soon I got tested. Just to find out that my blood was infected. Only thing was with what? Temperature was between 39-41 yes I know it was bad, then I had gold shivers, I would shake and the whole bed would shake too. Hours later I was taken to the theater after they had done ultrasounds and to come out and find out there was a piece of the placenta left in my womb. WOW!

At that moment u don’t know what to think, but when the doctor tells your husband and your father that it was almost rotten, and that your wife was literally close to death, you realize how short life is. You see, the piece they found was so tiny, that with the ultrasound it was not possible to see it. They had to clean the whole of my inside to actually find out.

The next question would now be, BUT did they not check it when the baby came out. Well they did, in front of us, they examined it everything! Not one midwife but two. So imagine. When the devil is set to do something he will try his hardest to pass. But little did he know that MY GOD is bigger then him.

The recovery was much more painful, laying in the hospital bed for 4 nights, not being able to walk, turn, eating was an issue, machines all around me, I was literally laying in bed. Then getting someone to actually teach you to walk with crouches and doctors telling you that it will take minimum 3months before I could make small movements and even longer to actually walk again by myself. I used to cry every single night. Not only because I was in pain,but to actually think, I was close to death, I had a son who isn’t even a week old, and I could not even hold him to feed him. My mum would come to the hospital with the kids and my daughter would just have tears. She would go home and cry herself to sleep. My son is too young to understand. My daddy had tears, my cousins would try and smile, my friend would come and sit by me help me get to the bathroom yet I could see the sadness in her eyes.
My husband would lay next to me and he slept with me at the hospital every night. Everyday tests running, everyday blood pressure, every day 3 different medications everyday nasty food, every day soup from mummy but no one could understand the pain I was in.

I would literally cry every night and my husband would comfort me, he would reassure me that I would walk again, he would reassure me that the pains will stop before the time they had given me. Finally I was allowed to go home. The walking crutch was at home, the toilet pot for the room was at home, the bathing chair was at home. Yet I still cried. My sleep was limited to 2 hours, just because I was in pain. My son looked older after a week, I felt even more weak.

I would practice how to move my legs without support and it hurt. I was stuck downstairs. The doctors told me to move as much as I could but I tried it hurt.

After 2weeks here I was making small movements, week 3 I went to the salon, my leg hurt a lot but I did not show it, week four church members came to visit us. I looked like I had no complications. Week 6 I went to my friends sons, naming ceremony and I could actually dance and praise God. Week 7 I attended church which was on New Year’s Day since then I knew 2017 was my year and that what the doctors said was not my destiny! God had other plans. God knew I would be able to go up and down within the time given to me. God knew me better then anyone else did.

I am grateful, because women don’t know their power.
God has given us so much power, we go through labor which is one of the most difficult things ever, it is not easy! You carry a whole human being for good nine months, just to push the baby out and not only is that painful, you also have to take care of the baby, regardless how tired you are. People fail to understand that WOMEN are POWERFUL. We were born with POWER, from young you want to help, from young you want to explore, from young you want to understand things. I mean it is the most beautiful thing to give BIRTH. While your partner is encouraging you, you get some strength from somewhere to do all the pushing. It is not easy to be a woman but it is a blessing. Every single person you see on the street, or have met was pushed by a woman. Everyone who reads this, respect that you came from a woman. Regardless if she has taken care of you or not, just the STRENGTH of letting you out is not easy.

I have two kids and both born naturally, you may ask me after your last experience would you do it again, trust me I doubted it, but I will do it again with pleasure. Why?? Because children are beautiful and I know every child I will get will also become a blessing unto someone in the future, my daughter will also push one day and I will be waiting outside of the delivery room to catch my grand baby, my son will find a wife who will also do the same, and I will also be outside of the delivery room to catch my grand baby. So if you are a woman and you are reading this regardless if you are a mom or not.



Ps; since I had my son, I have only been more grateful to the Most High. And I am praying for every single woman around the world. Have a safe delivery and for the men, be there for the woman, if she just had a baby help out, if she tells you she feels some type of way press the bell, she might have some complications be alert and listen to the woman.
My prayers to every pregnant lady this 2017″ your DELIVERY SHALL BE SAFE AND SOUND. YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH AND WILL BE REJOICING ! God bless each one of you.


Next blog will be about ; my feelings after birth ; was I almost depressed?

What type?

What type of woman are you?

I bet you have asked yourself this question before, if you have not then there is something wrong with you to be honest. As we grow, from baby, toddler, teen, to our early 20, and setting towards WOMEN and one day BUSINESS WOMEN we go through so much in life. Our lives is set into stages. Every female goes through her own stage. You can not predict the future nor expect everything to go the way you want it to go. But you can find out what your position is as a woman.

I am going to make my own list of the types of positions or types of woman there are and it is for you to find out what type you are, and what you are aiming to be.

  1. the single lady

yes, single not ready to mingle? ok, lies she is ready to mingle maybe. But is not sure about her type of guy. She is open to date at all times, but remains single after every single date.

Advantage: She knows what she wants, and is open to any guy.

Disadvantage: She feels lonely at times.

2. The Independent lady- Married to my job

Independent lady she is either single (mostly), or has a partner but puts her career first. The independent woman who is single finds it difficult to find a partner because she is looking for a guy who is not weak and does not get in her way when it comes to her career. The independent woman with a partner is likely to have a partner whom is the sit at home guy or the total opposite. She always reminds him that she can hold her own.

Advantage: She holds her own, and is strong minded. She does NOT let anyone bring her down and makes it known to others.

Disadvantage: Is likely to look down onto partner, because she believes that her job is the most important thing and if he has no career she is more likely to let him know as well. Also she hardly has time to date if she is single.

3. The side chick – He has a girlfriend

The word side chick, is not really a nice word to use, but then again there are a lot of women who play this role. In my own words, I believe that she has chosen to be involved with someone who already has a partner. so like a second hand, or a second girl? This position surely brings problems. The side chick, plays a dangerous role and usually tries ends up unhappy when she realizes that she remains a side chick after a while and tries to change that position into a girlfriend or wife position. Which can be difficult but hey, there is no harm in trying!

Advantage: She is proud of her position and usually the one to make the guy happy

Disadvantage: No respect in other peoples eyes, and the likelihood of being dumped is high.

4. babymomma

Not everyone likes the word Babymama, Babymomma, Babymother etc. But hey, how would you describe it? A woman who has a child with a guy and they are not married? A woman who has a child with a guy and they have no relationship? A woman who has a child with a guy and he has other children? I have no idea but I once called myself a Babymother. or am I still one? Well I would classify it as having a child with a guy who will become your past.

Advantage: A beautiful BABY!!

disadvantage: You don’t really know your role?

5. Wife- I do

the role of a wife, a woman whom is married. she has become one with her partner. She has been chosen by a man to be joined as one. And are basically married till death do them part.

Advantage: You find your soulmate, you have someone you love and want to die with

Disadvantage: It is a big step to take!, you can become a widower.

6. Widower

Sad but true, you find the man of your dream but then end up being alone on this earth because something tragic happened. Women choose to stay alone after this, some re-marry! It is all a choice. But a widower is not something you want to become, however when you marry this is a chance

advantage: You cherish your partner and choose to spend the days loving him, but then again is this really an advantage?

Disadvantage: you become lonely at times, you miss your partner and can become unsure if you will find someone like him again.


These are my different types of women, I might have explained it wrongly in your eyes, but this is how I view it. what type are you? and which one do you want to become?

thanks for reading x




I appreciate you.

As human beings, we sometimes struggle to let people know how much we appreciate them in our lives. I am guilty of this. I forget to tell people or even show how much I appreciate them. But in my heart I can say how much I appreciate a person. Or when I pray I do pray for those I appreciate. But for someone who does not see it, it comes across as ungrateful. Which I understand.
So I want to dedicate this blog to my loved ones, known and unknown.

First and foremost, I want to thank the big Man above for my life. I can’t express and tell how much I appreciate God in my life. I commit sins and I disobey him a lot of times, but when I get on my knees and pray or speak to Him he understands me.  we tend to only know God when we need him the most. When things are not going our way. We then ask God for help, if He does not do what we asked for right away we blame him. But always appreciate the man above because you are here TODAY.

My dear Husband,
Appreciation is an understatement. The things he has done for me and how he has changed me is not for the whole world to know. But some things are meant to be said. You have accepted me as I am, regardless of my past or my present. You are always looking towards our future. You are the most selfless person in the world. You are the only one I can actually call at anytime or disturb and still hug afterwards. You know how to get on my nerves and when to make me laugh. Our marriage has shocked people but we are still going strong. Yes we have arguments, yes we have our highs and lows but who doesn’t? We are different from others because we have told our self so. We do what married couples do and we stand out. We believe in each other and motivate each other. We advice each other and stand up for each other. I appreciate you a lot especially after the past weeks. (Like I said not everything is said) you showed me how much you love me and how much we needed each other. Now we have entered a new chapter in life where we have a new family member. Our baby boy Phareés. I thank God and you for his life 💙

Dear friends, – who I speak to regularly
I love you dearly, I don’t have to tell you this everyday but you should know I care. For those who message me, or talk to on a regular basis you know the feeling already. The things you guys have done for me, words cannot describe. From helping me when I was in need, to feeding me, to just being a shoulder to cry on. And the list goes on. There are people who are good in being there for those who are in need and this is for you. You are appreciated. And I pray that you continue to be in our lives, not only mine.

Dear Friends, – Who I hardly speak to
I care about you, and you are in my heart. Us not speaking can mean a lot of things. Unspoken words. Which can damage the heart and the brains. Not speaking can drive us apart which can go both ways. Sometimes it is a good thing, because not everyone is meant to stay in your life at a certain period/ season of your life. I have learned from my good friends mother that, some friends are seasonal. It does not mean that you and the person are arguing. But God places them for a season which can be months, a year or even a period of 10 years. When you are being divided it can be in different ways. It does not mean that you do not think about them casually but you simply do not associate with them as before. God makes space for someone new to come and replace them or to even do something better in your life.

You can stop talking to someone and in that period you will get the job you always wanted, why? Because it was time for changes. You can become friends with a certain somebody and then you meet your husband/wife, why? Because it was time for changes. So adding someone onto your life is not a harm, and removing someone is also not a harm either. Always listen to your God. And do appreciate those who were there for you. If we are all to become negative about our old associates then we will be bitter forever. Those people have benefitted our lives before. They have done something for us we will never

Forget. Therefore we think about them and we appreciate them not everyday but once in a while. We still think about them or pray for them. You also are appreciated from a distance.

Dear Parents,
Where do I start with you two. My mum and my dad. I could write a book about those two people cause they are so different and I have learned to deal with both characters. Growing up with parents who are divorced it is not easy. Always being on one side and as an African parent you should know how it goes. But now being a mother myself and also once being a single mother before I met the love of my life, I knew exactly how my mum felt. But I chose to do it a bit differently. It is true when they say that the person you associate yourself with you will become like them. Reason being that I have picked up my mothers character so much! I am happy with the woman I have become right now. I would not change for anyone.
My dad is also a guy I would not change as he has a different character then my mother. He is the calm and gentle one and only speaks when he feels he has too. You will now think, well that is an easy guy to live with? No it is not. Cause I wanted that man in my life. But then again I would not change myself for anyone.

My parents are the best, they only show it differently. My mum is not the type to show you her love or to even say the words, I love you. (SO ME) she rather play the tough woman and does her thing. She is much appreciated for everything she has done, yes including our arguments and the fights HaHaHa!😂 I know how to clean, cook, be a mother and when not to shut up cause of her. She has been the greatest grandmother to my kids and shows her love through them. She knows how to care for us all and shows it by cooking, cleaning, taking care of them and just by starting unnecessary arguments with me. I’m used to you MaMa!!*

My daddy, shows love by calling on  a daily basis (literally!) And he tells me. He shows it in his face. He cares by asking how we are doing, he cares by having conversations, he is trying to fix what he left broken and I have opened up, welcomed him. He is human!  We don’t argue anymore, we talk like grown ups, he has grown to become my friend as well. I can ask him anything and he will answer, or find a solution and get back at me.

MaMa and PaPa you are much appreciated ❤🌍 you have thought me so much about life. And now I am a mother and a wife. My journey just started and I will continue to make you proud. You stood by me when I was down, when I misbehaved, when I need you. Even when it was going well you still stood by me. Every decision I made although you will try and come up with another solution, you will still support me at the end.
I love you.

Last but not least,
Dear The unknown, – those I used to dislike or felt some type of way about.
Well, if I start saying I love you I would be lying to myself, but I care. You are the one who I looked at years ago and said EW, her/him. Or you are the one I heard about and thought s/he gets on my nerves. Today, I can say feelings like that are gone. Yes, I see you and I do not greet you.. maybe I should? Yes, we do not talk and I don’t associate with you, because we both have unspoken words. Should we meet up and talk? Not always. Some people you have never spoken to so what are you going to discuss? Start of by smiling or greeting when you pass by.
Some you used to talk to and now it has not come to the “seasonal friends but your now in the Unknown part”, a little hello will do. Even if you do not greet, what about showing appreciation?

Social media is now one of the ways to show appreciation, support each others businesses, comment or like something you know you would like but just because it is him/her you decided NOT to like it *GUILTY!* pray for them, they also have issues. Do not watch their downfall, or wish for it, rather encourage them *from a distance* if you can via friends! Everything is possible, you can even learn from the Unknown *GUILTY* appreciate them! Cause I am starting to!

Ok, have to stop now, appreciation is

Done from within. You have to do it from the heart. As soon as it leaves the heart you choose how you pass it on to the person.

Do you tell them face to face?
Through the phone?
A letter?
Through a friend?
By buying them a present?
By treating them?
Through Social media?
Or you do it through prayers?

You can come up with many ways of showing appreciation. The important thing is that you do it for yourself and from the heart! You do not have to do it in front of people or let the world know, but the little you do for that person is what counts.

Show your appreciation today.. tomorrow is NOT promised.
Love your neighbour as yourself. And you shall be blessed today. Maybe God wants you to do this so a door will be opened for you today! TRY IT! and you will be surprised. Maybe there is something which has been left unsaid.. Open up first.

God bless you for reading this… 💓
Take care and stay Blessed.. inspired by Hubby❤ and my children Mercedes💛 and Pharees💙