It’S a Boy !

Hey my lovely readers!

Good afternoon, welcome in Month number 10 out of 12. Time is literally flying by like ….. Anyway the title says it all.. It’s a BOY! yes, yes yes, I had my first ever baby shower! and I want to tell you all about it. I might leave some details out which I generally forget as I am so forgetful nowadays!

So I had been planning the day for like 6-7 weeks I must say. And its so funny because when I started I literally told my husband and he thought I was in a rush. And I know people around me thought the same. I had friends who told me to wait and also suggested that it should be a surprise but I warned everyone around me in advance that I did NOT want any surprise shower, WEIRD?! well I had my reasons.

first of all it was my first time, so I had a specific imagine of how I wanted it to be in my mind. And as far as I was concerned no one could do that for me LOL! secondly, I had the feeling that if I left it and it would of turned into a surprise, I would not have all the people I wanted around me, which means I would be disappointed. TRUST ME stuff like that GETS TO ME! and thirdly, I just did not believe anyone could do it like I did it ! HAHAHAHA!

and I think I was slightly right, because of the compliments I got on the day and after, well I pulled it off nicely. Okay, so what I did was I started buying little things from like August (yes I did), and like I said before I had a vision of how I wanted it, but the funny thing was I was not sure if I could actually do it. because I wanted to do it by myself. so anytime a friend as for help, I would say sure.. but what I got to realise is that no one really helped me. I really did not mind cause I wanted it my way. the good thing was I did have like 2 people who did bother helping by suggesting things which was of good help. I for instance bought the goodie bag based on my cousin who saw it and I fell in love. and little things such as colours, was hard to choose but I got there at the end. But then the hardest part for me was getting the cake and the goodie bags.

So finally I saw the cake I wanted, I stole someone’s idea I wont lie about that one! I fell I love the moment I saw that cake! so that was out of the way, then my main issue was, how many people would I invite, and what would be in my goodie bags. so that is when me and my partner had to sit down and discuss. Can I be honest and say, we LITERALLY wrote down names and we started crossing off, and stuff. because as far as he was concerned it was my big day and I had to be happy with the people who came. So we did it together but with me in charge as he wanted me to enjoy the day. So we started and still it was very difficult as I had more then I expected. My plan was to keep it small and have just a certain amount of people around. Finally when I had that, I was still not sure about the goodie bag, although I was always online buying stuff. so finally I decided on it and weekly I bought a few things which I could put in. I already knew I did not want everyone to have the exact same thing.

so the day before, my mum came and did the decorations and Jessica helped with the food cleaning and also with the décor. (what would I have done without them??) And finally On that same day I realized that what I imagined was successful and even better! Thanks to our massive table.

I looked at the décor and at the goodie bag as well and I was sure I was ready for the next day. So on the day itself, my make up was done by Mrs Josephine. and Peter surprised me by taking pictures. whiles everyone was coming in. and I was all dressed up I was very happy. Lori Kelly was my host and she did a great job. My partner on the other hand was busy in the kitchen. He ended up being in the kitchen the WHOLE DAY! he was so supportive and of such great help, he made me so happy although I wanted him away from the kitchen he just could not leave that place! He made sure everyone was fed and drinks were more than enough. My cousin Joycelyn was of such great help to earlier as she cleaned up and helped me set up everything.

I must say each person that came made me happy and I could not have asked for any other people to be around me. The guys who came showed so much love and support and I loved how everyone took part in all the games we played. there were prices to be won and all sorts. At the end I opened up my gifts and I was totally amazed about all the gifts my Babyboy received! its funny because I needed at least 90% of the things my self hahah, as I did not buy many things myself knowing of the baby shower. and a special shout out to my baby girl and her husband who send us clothes from New Jersey. my baby will be rocking American clothing  love you Mr and Mrs Acquah-Afriyie

But I can say God bless everyone! who came, the ones who messaged me, and the ladies who helped me throughout! OH and last but not least my big cousin Sandeep Specials (  who was in charge of the cake!) the cake was perfect and it tasted perfect! so if you are in Holland! and you want some cakeeee… runnnn to her! I will provide a link to her Facebook site! and if you need any decorations I can easily ask my mother! or I can be of help myself, I am not afraid to tell you where I purchased my things ! and NO I am not someone who can decorate but I can always be of help, or help planning a shower for a small amount of people only!!! I am no professional so I am letting you know in advance.

but that was it, pictures soon to come, but you can take a look at my Instagram account where I posted a 9 sec video of the table. IG: Yaabablack

Sandee’s specials –

Love, peace and HUGS” !

ps: I found some names in the name suggestion jar, 3 of them were already on my list! but I would not reveal which ones they were. All of you have to wait and see if we will choose that name or if we got one our self.. x


Understanding Gods word

Happy August everyone. welcome to month 8 out of 12, 2016.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, either holidays, work or just doing nothing! well, my summer has been work, work and once more work! I must say I wish I was at a sunny destination, with a bikini on and some nice cocktails in my hand HAHA. but No I am pregnant and working!

Todays blog will be about ; Understanding Gods words when He speaks!

I will base this on personal, and other peoples experiences. When we sit down and decide to pray what is the first thing that pops in your head? Or when you want to plan something and in your mind your not too sure of how to start the plan what is the first thing that pops in your head? It can be various things.

There are many people who do believe in Gods words to an extend. Well the majority of the ‘Believers’ actually. Why am I saying this? Because we like to post about How great He is, and that we are Thankful of seeing another day, We love to worship him, but do we mean it? Or are we saying it because it benefits us at the moment. *guilty*

I start of with myself. I am guilty of these things at times. Because one, I sometimes feel like I am too busy to even Honour God. Why? because at the moment of time It is going well. But when things are not going the way it should be, then I remember that I have that little 5minutes for Him. Is that even right? You don’t even like it when your own friends treat you like that. better yet you end up not calling them YOUR FRIENDS if they only message or call you when they need something from you. so why do you feel the need to let Him above call you HIS CHILD? you certainly do not act like one.

You see, we are guilty of the fact that we do NOT always understand when God speaks to us. And we start to wonder why things are not going the way it should be. Or we start to question God, and wonder why non-believers or other people’s things are working out for them but yours is not. This what you need to understand.

  • God wants you to know that regardless of what you do He still loves you ( 1 John 4:8)
  • You need to spend time with God every day to understand him ( psalms 119: 34, prov. 2:6)
  • He is the only one who can give you eternal life ( 1 John 2:25, Titus 1:2)

I have questioned God countless times, why? because He did not do as I asked. Did I blame myself then? NO I blamed God! because I asked him for help and He did not do as I said. As humans we always point fingers. because it is so easy! – It is her fault, He started first etc. But did you look at the cause of it? Did you even do it from your heart? Was it meant for you? I strongly believe that there is always a ‘Judas’ amongst people. He sat with Jesus and yet betrayed Him! he ate with him, walked with him, talked with him so why can’t the same be with you! That is why you have to always have God on your side. Jesus knew Judas, he just didn’t no himself! If you understand God speaking, you will also know the Judas from afar! and you will be able to solve your issues before it arises. You do not want to be caught in a difficult situation first before you call upon The Father! NO! you want to have him as your best friend, on speed dial at all times. Able to call upon him, like we check our phones regularly. How we are up to date with the latest fashion, or the news. If we considered speaking to God more, we would understand his words! and we would be able to identify any Judas in our lives.

Judas comes as a disciple of Jesus in the bible. The Strange woman comes as a prostitute in the bible. The Devil was once a gorgeous Angel and comes in different shapes and forms. so why surprised when your troubles look like, finances, a friend, a family member, your manager, food poison, an animal or even a church member?  Understand when God speaks and you will identify them from afar! Do not wait till it goes all wrong first. God loves you, so you can make your own choices. Do not choose the wrong one.

Understand his words, start today, and you will never be the same. When He starts to bless you, STILL keep his words. when it rains, STILL keep his words. for the bible says that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”, therefore be ready to fight the weapons, but KNOW that NONE will prosper! so there will be a fight, but you will win. ONLY with Gods understanding. because when you have two people who speak different languages, the communication is poor. but when you get to understand each other, by getting to know each other and spending time together. you will understand each others words.

God bless you this afternoon/ We are ready for work (L).



cellblock to home

Hello beautiful readers I hope you are all blessed today. We have entered month number 7 ALREADY!

And it has been a month since my traditional engagement 💃. Anyway, today is a day which I would not easily forget as it was exactly 2 years ago that the officer came into my cell and told me to pack my bags as I was being released. I can remember my facial expression, thinking it was a joke! I made my last two calls and I was good to go (after I said my goodbyes to the other ladies of course)

Friday 4th Juli 2014.

I clearly remember that day when I woke up, I was just moved to a double cell with a Dominican lady who was old enough to be my mum. She was very nice, polite and clean. We were probably together for like a week or so. So that morning I got ready for my normal routine, (times etc. I forgot) but I had my shower, breakfast and I was off to work ( at the gym, I used to clean the gym in the morning and afternoons, after that I was allowed to take part with activities if I wanted to).

So that day I went to work and I remember this woman who was the only woman working at the gym she asked me to do something specific, but it was something I had never done so far so I asked for a helping hand and it got out of hand.

We argued and I then refused to continue work. So she ended up firing me and sending me back to the cell (literally locked behind doors) I was so angry that day. So my mentor came to me later and said “Edith, I heard what had happened at work, it is not like you, why are you so upset? I would like to unlock you but I don’t think it is a good idea so just stay in. And in the afternoon we talk. And please do not get yourself into trouble.”

So I calmed down and just watched TV and sat there. About 3/4 hours later the door opened and the lady whom I had never seen before (because we know all our main officers) asked if I was miss Wiredu I said yes then she told me to pack my stuff because I was going home.

I laughed and said, no I am not, my release date is not now. She said yes you are so pack you got an hour and a half. At the reception you will get your remaining stuff.

Mate! I ran to this lady I had become friends with called Shai and I told her. She was like why are you crying HURRY AND GO HOME! Then I packed in like 20min lol and called up family and my friend Nadia whom I cried out to. And yes my mentor came out smiling knowing for the past 48 hours I was getting released and had finished my paperwork so he gave me a hug and wished me luck. Then I got ready and out I was to the hostel in the Hague (Den Haag).

From then I knew I had to adapt to the world again. I was inside for 22 months and got an early release of 8 months  and I had no idea my life would turn like this.

Today I am a happy wife with baby number 2 on its way (gender will be kept secret, so please do not bother asking me. I don’t know the answer! ) I work full time, Mon-sat! so no I do not just sit at home doing nada. I work two jobs, which leaves me with little time to chill!  Sunday is my Church and family day. I love everything about life.

I have noticed that no matter what, human beings would not be happy for you. So All I do is give thanks each and every day and pray that my family is safe under His wings; – In life you cannot please everyone. So just give thanks, apologize when you have to, or need to. forget what happened -that is why you apologized- and open a new chapter! or else you will just be stuck in the past and wonder why everyone around you is moving on. No one is moving to fast you know? Everyone gets a piece of blessing, whenever they let go of something. So stop holding on to yours.

#shailourens I hope you read this my only female weezy. I miss you and I promise to catch up with you kisses nd hugs.

Do not give up on life.. You DO NOT KNOW THE FUTURE.

ps: stay tuned for a wonderful blog from my soulsister DeeKruwa aka Kinkycurls and I!

Love you’s ❤❗



My traditional wedding.

Hey beautiful readers, It has been a while and I got sooooo much to tell you. Well based on the title of this blog, you will know it will be about… “my traditional wedding” – yes, I got married 💃 and I want to tell you about it.

So my beautiful day took place on the 4th of June 2016 and if I tell you about the preparations etc till the moment I walked in, WOW! 👰👫
I mean… for those who do not know, I am currently working two jobs (yes I am) and I asked my days of already for the friday, saturday and sunday! And because my new job is only during week days, i took the thursday off too. So I could do my last bits. Oh well I used it well, i did not sleep much because I had to pick up my friends on thursday evening who got delayed so i missed them but they did come, then friday morning too at the airport, and even at 5.45am at the busstation so I was busy! On Thursday evening I had to get my “gele” done. And by the time we got home it was almost like 1am .
My husband was also very busy for the big day so all we did was communicate through calls and whatsApp.

The day itself x,💅🏾
On the day itself, I asked the ladies who would lead me during my entrance to be there at 7am as the make up artist was meant to be there at the same time. Well knowing us some came at 7am sharp, and the rest followed by 7.45am all the ladies including the make up artist was at my place and mine too. She started with my mums make up as my mum had to be ready before me.

I asked Theresa Manso for the ladies and Sunshine Oduro for mine, my mothers and my aunties make up. So I’m total we had two ladies working on our faces.

By 9.30am we were supposed to start the traditional ceremony but we were running late. So as far as I remember I started my make up and before I knew it I had to change into my dress.
When I heard my uncle’s voice through the microphone in the living room I panicked and the next thing I knew was that I wanted to urinate. Which I could not because as the bride I am not allowed to step out of the room. So I was struggling eventually my mum came up with a plan B and I had the chance to urinate.

So around almost 11am not too sure I might be wrong, I was told to be ready because I had to reveal myself. So I called the 6 ladies in pink to come and since I was told that the house was literally full I had to inform the ladies to walk in one by one, as my plan was to let them in as two’s. So I put them in order and my sister in law being the tallest was the last person to walk in right before me.

We then got the sign to walk in, which was to the song I had chosen thanks to a dear friend of mine who literally said “this would have been my song but I will let you have the pleasure” so I used it as I loved the words of the song Sister afiaa

I was so nervous then I reached my husband go be that time lol. Well before I knew it the ceremony was over we danced a bit and loads of pictures were taken.💏💑

My thoughts on the day x
Mixed emotions, I was generally speaking very happy because most of friends and people that know me, know what I went through, what I’ve done in the past and never in a million years did I expect this to happen to me. Like two years ago I was in such a different place and look at me now, a WIFE to an amazing man, trust me the love is so DEEP! I wake up next to him now and I am over the moon. (the feeling is mutual )
And I just want to thank the man above. The Lord himself, the prayers I have done and still do. The tears I cried to the Lord not because I was unsure of unhappy but simply because I was not sure if He was truly blessing me. Not only was I happy to become a wife I was also happy to see both of our families in one room. Agreeing to one thing. My husbands family who, I appreciate especially my mother in law who has been supportive since the day we met. My wonderful parents whom sat there and with teary eyes knew their little girl has officially been taken away and is leaving to become her own wife to someone else. My other family members especially my aunts who made me cry cause of the little advise she gave me. That day was such a beautiful day I must say. And last but not least my beautiful girls whom flew from the UK I was totally honored, that they wanted to be part of this day. The “innit innit” Crew the presents I received all of them were perfect for me Nd my husband. No one thought of just me but of us BOTH.

And of course there were moments I was upset. I mean stress can cause that LOL! I also got to find out and see that NOT everyone close to you wants the best for you. You see when you are bitter and jealous do NOT forget that it will show one day. People need to pray over these spirits. People need to stop wishing people bad. It is super unbelievable how many people were actually at our big day and literally were bad-minded. I don’t have to literally approach you and ask. We both know but do not do that. Everyone deserves happiness including me. I am sorry to say but for the people who came last week and literally did not have a good heart young or old. Mum dad uncle young lady young man., I am here to inform you that MORE BLESSINGS ARE COMING OUR WAY. The Addais have big things which the devil cannot stop.

So hereby I would stop and say my last bit. We are expecting a new household hi hi, I want to keep some things to myself such as how far I am and what we will be having . All I can say is we are expanding and this is it for now. But more blessings coming our way 👶🏾
I want to encourage all young ladies especially or anyone reading this who things it’s too late to make her wish come through, too late for love, education, work or to forgive. Baby girl you can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST.
Do not think it is over.its not over, it is never over until God says so. I want to let all females know that it was prayers, patients, forgiveness and love which got me this far.

I had bitterness, anger, unforgiveness in me. How did I get rid of these things? Prayers I literally started mentioning names, who said I have never been jealous before ? I prayed. Anger ? I prayed. And the love came from left right and center. Unconditional love I got from my dear mother and daughter. Regardless of how messed up I was at times I knew I could count on them. Patience is what kept my husband. Anger is what I learned not to show. The bible is what is my guide. Prayers was the key to all my questions. Every night we pray and I also get something. He always reveals things to me.
I will go into my prayers in the next blog. How to say simple prayers and when are you sure that He has truly listened because we all have one prayer request which has not been answered and we are all trying to figure out why. But for now
Let me enjoy my sweet marriage and our unborn x God bless you beautiful people !🙏🏾💒

*some pictures made by friends are to be found one Facebook, the official pictures and video are not out yet*

Addai x❤️💍

Love is …


Love is not love until it’s felt and received as such by the person on the receiving end.

Personally ( key word here, makes it an opinion, not a fact ), I don’t think love should be generalised, it needs to be differentiated. There are general things a person can do that shows love, I.e. Being kind, being understanding, being considerate etc etc etc. However, these are basic and general things and needs to be taken deeper.

It can become a tad frustrating when you’re there thinking you’re loving someone with all your heart and being and energy, but the person on the receiving end is not recieving it as such, they seem unbothered and unmoved though your efforts are appreciated. We then turn around and brand that person as “ungrateful” or “hard to love” when realistically, they appear as such because you’re not loving them in a way THEY…

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