new season every day we breathe

so before we put October 2015 behind us, I just want to remind you that every day that you wake up, breathing and go on about your daily basis, it is a new season. Why I call it a new season is because, you get a chance to improve, a chance to do better,  a chance to forgive and a chance to let go. We actually take a lot of things for granted. life is not about big things around you, but the little things you hardly appreciate. Thank God for a new season whenever you wake up, thank him for waking up everyone in your house, your neighbours you don’t see, or don’t care about much. Life is short to carry stress, anger and other weights. the only weight you should carry is the CROSS. Jesus carried everything for you and died, why should I be carrying that just to suffer if a GREATER man did it for us and forgave us for our sins by filling our hearts with love.

I like this song from Israel Houghton vs. New Breed;

Its a new season, and its a new day

fresh anointing, is flowing my way,

Its a season of power, and prosperity!

its a new season, coming to me.

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